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Server Migration DNS Changes

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You hosting account is being migrated to newer, faster and more secure servers. Please read this entire article as it contains time critical information to ensure that your website and email remain operational.


If you have received an email that linked you to this help desk article then you are required to take action before November 30, 2023


We can schedule the exact date and time with you, just contact us via with the subject "Server Migration Date". 


We have identified that you are using your own name servers. It could be one of the following, but is not limited to, WIX, Microsoft365, Cloudflare, NetRegistry, Google Domains.


What updates are needed?


If your website is hosted at märken then your primary A record needs to be updated to:


If your email is hosted at märken then the A record for the referenced CNAME for your MX record will need to be updated.


e.g. (hostname may differ)

MX 0


How do I make these changes?  (Before November 30, 2023)

  1. Ask your IT support staff / contractor (send them a link to this article).
  2. Make the change yourself by logging in your domain / DNS provider and edit the zone record.
  3. Request that we perform the changes using your domain / DNS provider tools.  A fee will apply.



Please note that failure to update your DNS records will result in your website and/or email failing from November 30, 2023. If you are using the märken name servers then no action is required - we are taking care of this for you.




API and Firewalls


If you are using any systems that use IP restrictions you must add the following IP addresses.







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