(bora) account migrations

Starting tonight we are migrating all active accounts from BORA ( one of the USA Based servers ) to new homes here on Australian servers.

For now all accounts will retain their current resources (disk allowance, mail accounts, transfer limits etc.) and once all migrations are complete new plans will be available that make use of the new server specifications. The new specs include the LightSpeed cache server for better website speed, in particular for WordPress based websites. The new plans will include R1Soft backups where from your own cPanel you can restore files as needed (including hourly sets).

As part of these migrations DNS records will be updated to reflect new IP addresses. There is no need to do anything with your domain name. The current name servers are remaining in use.

If you are you hosting your own DNS or using custom DNS entries please get in touch via hello@marken.com.au.

Note: If you are using bora.mkndns.net in any email settings or bookmarks please update them to the domain name on your account. e.g. if your domain name is mydomain.com.au and your incoming mail server is configured as bora.mkndns.net then replace bora.mkndns.net with mail.mydomain.com.au. The same applies to the outgoing mail server address, it should also be changed to mail.mydomain.com.au. *Replacing mydomain.com.au with your actual domain name.

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